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Bus Driver (starter)


Love spending time on the road? With our varied bus lines, every trip will feel unique!

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Transfer to join GVB as a bus driver

Are you ready for a new challenge? Do you like the vibrant atmosphere and the diversity of Amsterdam and would you like to take on the challenge to help passengers go places pleasantly, safely and on time? But do you not have a Category D driving licence or experience as a bus driver? No problem! We have a good offer for you!

  • We offer a complimentary training program to obtain a Category D driving license and become a qualified bus driver.
  • Enjoy competitive starting salaries along with generous benefits and allowances.
  • Work flexible, pre-scheduled shifts with a maximum length of 8 hours and 45 minutes.
  • Discover Amsterdam’s unique buzz.

Diverse and full of energy

Imagine: in your rear-view mirror, you spot some former school friends who haven’t seen each other for years. You say ‘good luck’ to a student on the bus cramming for an exam. You might even sing along in the evening with people coming back from a concert at Ziggo Dome. Every day and every trip is different. THIS is Amsterdam. Better than that: THIS is your new job. You are a GVB bus driver now! As a bus driver, you will meet all kinds of people all day, every day. Tourists, commuters, students, people enjoying a day out from various backgrounds and different age groups hop on the bus. Everyone making their way to their own destination. You will help them get there in a friendly and welcoming professional way, and with your own personal touch.

A bus driver is never alone

Though you may be the only GVB employee on the bus, you're always supported by the larger GVB team. One of our bus drivers even calls it the “GVB Village”. A place where people know each other’s name. Think: traffic control, team management, planners and of course colleagues on the vehicles. You meet your colleagues on the road and during breaks at GVB destinations. We’re proud of GVB’s community spirit. Working together is the only way to build towards an accessible Amsterdam.

What you bring

  • You have a strong sense of responsibility, are customer-friendly and stress-resistant. Other requirements:
  • You have a Category B driving licence.
  • You are 1.65 to 2 metres tall.
  • You have a secondary vocational school level 3 or higher.
  • You speak English well, have good reading comprehension skills in English and are want to learn Dutch. We provide Dutch classes during your training course.
  • You are eligible for a certificate of good conduct (in Dutch: ‘Verklaring Omtrent Gedrag’ or VOG).
  • You are able to see colours and signals well (possibly with glasses or lenses).

What we offer

  • Get your Category D driving licence for free: We provide the training course to become a bus driver with a Category D driving licence for free!
  • Excellent pay: You will receive your starting salary, between €2,658 and €3,260 a month, based on a 40-hour working week, from the moment you start the training course. You will also receive an allowance for irregular hours and 8% holiday pay and a thirteenth month salary.
  • Clear schedule: As trainee bus driver you work the first year via Olympia. You work flexible shifts of no more than 8 hours and 45 minutes. You indicate when you are available and when not.
  • Free GVB public transport: When you work at GVB you travel for free on our public transport vehicles, even in your free time.

Come and meet us

Are you interested but would like to meet us first, or maybe even join us during a shift? You can! You are welcome to talk to one of the GVB bus drivers, instructors, recruiters or a (team) manager at any of our sites. Book an appointment today!

Is GVB your next stop?

Provide your contact information. We will contact you within two working days. Important information: We collaborate with the Olympia temp agency to recruit bus drivers. Do you have questions regarding this position? Call the Olympia temp agency at 020 - 3544888, or send an email to [email protected].


Garage West Jan Tooropstraat 647 1061 AE Amsterdam
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Over GVB als werkgever

Ieder mens heeft een eigen bestemming en brengt een eigen verhaal met zich mee. Iedere medewerker bij GVB draagt bij aan de reis die zij maken. We verzorgen dagelijks het vervoer voor honderdduizenden mensen in en rond Amsterdam. 24 uur per dag en 365 dagen per jaar. Samen verbinden we een wereld aan lijnen, verhalen en mensen.

Je ziet onze bussen, metro’s, trams en veerponten. Maar wij zijn meer dan dat. Achter de schermen schuilt een dynamische wereld waarin onze medewerkers in allerlei rollen ervoor zorgen dat de stad bereikbaar blijft. Als werkgever willen wij elke medewerker verbinden met onze koers: een belangrijke bijdrage leveren voor een leefbare en bereikbare stad. Ga je mee?

Lees meer over GVB als werkgever

Application proces

Enter your details. We will contact you within two working days. Important information: We collaborate with the Olympia temp agency to recruit bus drivers. Olympia will provide a one-year employment contract. During that first year, both you and GVB will decide if this is the job for you. If so, GVB will offer you a permanent employment contract.

Fill out the application form

Fill out the form and keep an eye out for our call or email message! Fill out the application form

Telephone call

We will call you within two working days. We’ll then answer your initial questions and provide you with further information on the vacancy and selection procedure. If we see a match, we’ll schedule an appointment to meet in person. We may ask you to take a few online tests at home to provide information on your competences and skills.

Preliminary interview

We’ll meet at one of our or Olympia’s locations. During this interview we will provide further information on working as a GVB bus driver and the training course that precedes it. We’ll discuss your knowledge and experience and, if applicable, the results of the tests you took at home. We may ask you to do a few more tests to be able to estimate what is required to prepare you for the position.

Selection day

During the selection day you and other candidates will visit one of our locations. Several preliminary interviews are held, we’ll discuss your knowledge of the city and the bus lines and you will do a test drive on one of our buses for a short time.

Conditions of employment

We reach an agreement on your employment contract and conditions of employment, your training course and your start date.

Training course

You will participate in the driving licence training course and the internal training course and start your work experience phase. You will receive your salary when participating in the training courses and don’t have to pay for the schooling.

Do you have a question?

Do you have questions regarding this position? The Olympia recruiters will answer any and all your questions. Call 020 - 3544888, or send an email message to [email protected].

Olympia Inhouse GVB afbeelding
Olympia Inhouse GVB
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